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Just pack up your phone and type where you want to go. The app will find you a driver in no time!

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Once your Ride request is accepted, the app automatically informs you off all the details of the driver, including make and model of the car.

Track and Guide

You can see the route on the map that the driver takes to get to you and you can trace his exact location  and guide him if necessary.

Enjoy The Ride!

Once the driver reaches you, just hop in and enjoy the trip. The app will calculate the fare and give you an invoice at the end of the trip.


Carsmartt’s Driver App has better transparency, higher earnings and cash pay.


Carsmartt’s Riders App is simply more efficient, more affordable and more secure.


Invest in Carsmartt (CRSM) and receive a 25% discount on stock’s price for accredited investors only (support@carsmartt.com)

The Planet

Let’s all benefits from a clean environment by reducing cars on the road.

Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize mobility and create an emancipated ecosystem for road transportation: More economic for Riders, efficient, transparent, eco-friendly and higher earnings for Drivers.

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About Us

CarSmartt is a U.S.based online marketplace for ridesharing that has been connecting drivers and users through a mobile application since early 2018. CarSmartt Inc. is a publicly traded entity under the ticker name CRSM on the Over-The-Counter (OTC) market. CarSmartt Inc. has developed an innovative, carpooling application whose main purpose is to make short and long distance travel safe and affordable, with 90% payout to drivers connecting people along the way.

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The Problem

Our roads are full of cars that drive mostly empty, more than 50% of vehicles on the road today carry just one person. This is not only economically senseless, it’s increasing traffic, creating health problems and polluting the environment. Current transportation solutions are ripping off drivers by charging them an unsustainable fee of 25%, Carsmartt charges only 10% or a monthly fee.

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The Solution

Our vision is a better and more sustainable future for road transportation. A future in which Drivers and Riders can benefit from a reliable, fair, transparent mobility marketplace.
CarSmartt is a mobility company that is revolutionizing the transportation ecosystem. The platform allows Drivers to earn a sustainable income and Riders to make significant savings during short and long trips. Thanks to its innovative system, CarSmartt can ensure secure transactions, complete privacy and guaranteed payment. The company features a disrupting service within a fast growing market.

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